Tara Smith

Tara is married to our team member Adam B. Smith and lives in Nashville, TN with her 2 kids. She grew up in the Midwest but still considers herself a Nebraska girl despite living in Tennessee for 18 years! She balances being a mom with working full-time as an Office Manager. She feels so lucky to have Adam, who can rock the stay-at-home dad role 2 days a week while her parents can love on her kiddos the other 2 days so she can pursue her career! Tara’s passion and love for the hemophilia community is fueled by her mama bear instincts that kicked into overdrive when her son Arlo was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B at 6 months of age. She did not have a family history of the disease so the diagnosis was a complete shock to her family!

Not even 2 years into their journey with hemophilia, Tara has already utilized her knack for organization and creativity to launch an etsy shop with hemophilia gear to support and encourage the community while also raising awareness and funds for her local Tennessee hemophilia chapter. She is passionate about finding ways to provide support to those within our bleeding disorders family and is always up for brainstorming new ideas to achieve this goal! MFTC is so excited to have her on board!

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