First Infusions at UC Davis

This is my nephew Lawson. He has severe hemophilia a rare bleeding disorder. These photos were taken at UC Davis during his first infusions of factor. Factor is a life saving medicine that helps clot Lawson's blood. He's missing a protein in his blood which means it can't clot on his own. Lawson is one of the bravest boys I know...

A Typical Morning

A morning infusion with Lawson.



My name is Lawson, Prescott's older brother. I get a poke every other day so that I can do things like you do. Fortunate for me, my body responds well to the medicine and allows my blood to clot so I won't get hurt. People ask about my scar and I tell them I'm special. 



My name is Prescott and  I just turned two. I have already had two surgeries and get poked everyday through my port or in my arm. I have developed antibodies against the very medicine that is suppose to help my blood clot, so my home care needs are more complicated than most.

Because of this I have to get my medicine through my port everyday... and if I get an injury I have to be injected with medicine 6 times a day just so my blood will clot. I also have to use products made from human plasma which poses a risk to my health.

Even with my complications, I'm lucky to be born in this day and age, but I do wish they would come up with something to help me clot my blood so I don't have to get so many shots. 



My name is Bob Seaton. My bleeding disorder “calling card” is that I have severe Hemophilia A with inhibitors. Living through “Bad Blood” and without the benefits of today’s pharmaceutical advances for the greater part of my life I remain blessed.

I have my fun loving wife Lynnette whom I've been happily married to for forty years, two wonderful daughters, Elizabeth and Julia along with two incredible grandchildren Lawson and Prescott both living with severe hemophilia and the youngest was recently diagnosed with an inhibitor.

So when my daughter Elizabeth asked for my assist in creating a community outreach program, "Music for the Cause" surrounded by music to offer an insight into the bleeding disorder community I said… sign me up!